“Leader in Technology Solutions for Project and Process Management.”
SunPlus Data Group

About SunPlus Data Group


Our focus is on maximizing the value of our products and services by providing our clients scalable platforms for product and process management built on best of the breed methodologies for business case development, requirements, use case development, code development, functional testing and stress testing. Our 120 member development team has experience in the design and deployment of complex tools for integration, collaboration, business intelligence, advanced analytics, and project portfolio management.Over the years, this team has developed a whole spectrum of client-specific applications ranging from simple scheduling and tracking systems to field force management.

We take special pride in servicing our customers unique requirements, developing new solutions, and improving or maintaining their legacy systems.

We have developed applications or provided short term software solutions to several government agencies, educational institutions and commercial enterprises. We save our clients significant amount of time and money by:

  • Providing a logical ground level view of systems and applications in the context of a 30,000 ft. view of client's strategic requirements
  • Providing field tested solution design capabilities
  • Providing our customers constant feedback throughout the process of design, development, deployment, and support