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About SunPlus Data Group

Customer-Centric Delivery Processes

Senior members of our team work closely with client's project and process managers to insure on time and at cost delivery of projects. With years of experience in managing engineering, production, and supply chain processes and projects in multiple industries, our consultants are trained in SunPlus delivery processes to achieve or exceed cost and performance objectives.

These delivery processes can be used strategically for deployment of a specific business model (e.g., continuous flow manufacturing, vertically integrated supply chain, etc.) in support of a given strategy (e.g., maintain leadership in a given market space) with meaningful metrics for strategic performance measurement. We believe that the road to excellence is built with tailored practices targeted at achieving operational goals that are aligned with a specific business strategy and a specific business model.

These same delivery processes can be used tactically for accomplishing cost and performance objectives of mission critical projects.

The following are the key components of our delivery process:

  • Identification of particular variables that will most contribute to project's successful execution, followed by stochastic modeling to improve probability of success
  • Training project managers in the use of virtual dashboards for managing time, resource, and cost constraints
  • Design and deployment of information feedback loops and response mechanisms for all mission critical activities and for all levels of management