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Preschools and Daycares


Preschools and Daycares

Whether you are looking for increased parent engagement or bringing efficiency to your school's daily processes, SunPlus has built mobile and cloud-based applications, which have helped in growing student enrollment as well as allowing staff to be more productive.

  • Ticks & Tots : Our end-user suite of Apps with different modules for Teachers, Parents and Administrators, which allow all stakeholders to follow the daily progress of each child, and also provides various features like Sign-in/out, Communication, Reminders, Updates, Wishlist, etc.
  • Seeds & Sheets : Our enterprise App, that we build in conjunction with your Center's requirements, that school administrators can use to manage daily activities including calendar management, parent/child records, communications, document management, etc.


Whether you are a Parent, Teacher or Administrator, Ticks & Tots is here to make your life easier.

One app, many smiles! Now, communication is easy. More engagement will lead to more smiles all around.

List of Features

School Management:

  • Contact Information for Parents, Caregivers, Teachers and Staff
  • Classroom reports
  • Activity reports
  • Medical and Allergy Information
  • Document Management System (Add-on)
  • Privileges-based accounts. Share what you would like with Teachers and Parents
  • Secure hosting of information and applications
  • Save paper and printing costs
  • Teachers save time as lots of duplicating of work is eliminated
  • Get the App customized as per your school’s need. School logo, Document management, integration with existing software – it’s all possible
  • Boost teacher morale. More engaged parents will have an easy way of appreciating all that the teachers do for their kids
  • Use the App as a marketing tool with social media integration, newsletter mailings, etc
  • We will help clean up your data to make it ready for import


Daily Reports:

  • Share updates, photos and videos as much as you like
  • Multimedia-enabled reports
  • Notes about Meals, Naps, Toileting, etc
  • Drop-off and Pick-up, Attendance
  • Incident reporting
  • Medicine usage reporting



  • Payment reminders. Never worry about late fees!
  • Account Balance on the tip of your fingers
  • Payment history and upcoming payments
  • Payment transfers: Coming soon



  • Easy tracking of monthly and daily attendance
  • Easily see who is in and who is out
  • Check-in / Check-out (Optional)



  • Messaging
  • Payment reminders
  • Volunteering alerts
  • Classroom Wishlists
  • Cubby needs
  • Request Meetings
  • Directly share with Social Media



  • School and Event Calendars
  • Birthday Calendars
  • Add custom alerts



  • One place to receive your child's progress updates (photos, videos, text)
  • Easy messaging with staff
  • Save on late fees, because of the payment reminders
  • Be on time for volunteering duty with customizable alerts
  • Know what's needed in your child's cubby
  • See your child/children’s days unfold from one App itself. Anytime, Anywhere!
  • Be more engaged with the school. No more guilty boardroom meetings


Coming Soon