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Project Management Services

Project Management Services

The focus of our technology consulting practice is on state of the art process management and project management capabilities that deliver mission critical strategic objectives on time and at cost. SunPlus consultants are able to balance subject matter expertise in industry-specific business processes and the technical knowledge of applications that power these business processes.

The following are some of the key assets in our technology consulting practice:

  •  Project Management Methodologies and Technology Solutions
  •  Business Process Modeling Methodologies and Technology Solutions
  •  IT Infrastructure and applications architecture for zero latency service oriented enterprise
  •  Web commerce - technology solutions
  • Embedding Business Intelligence, Mobile Technology, and RFID solutions in mission critical business processes, projects, and enterprise applications Training.



SunPlus Data Group can help clients organize a series of projects into a single portfolio to provide a top down view of project objectives, costs, timelines, resources, risks and other critical factors. Project Portfolio Management enables top management to optimize resources, minimize costs, and maximize returns using a single holistic view of projects across the enterprise.

The following are the key deliverables of SUNPLUS's Project / Portfolio Management Service:

  • Actionable Processes: SunPlus designs and deploys information feedback loops and response mechanisms for mission-critical activities and for all levels of management.
  • Analytics: SunPlus helps design and deploy metrics-based analysis routines that provide management with meaningful performance data.
  • Project Valuation and Prioritization: SunPlus helps design reports, portlets, and dashboards that make it possible to rate and prioritize projects based on their strategic value, project size, complexity, resource dependencies, and probability of success.
  • Training and Implementation SupportSunPlus trains project managers in the use of virtual dashboards for managing time, resource, and cost constraints as well as the use of these dash boards to communicate mission-critical project information across the organization.
  • Opportunity and Risk Assessment: SunPlus helps clients identify opportunities for maximizing return. It also helps them quantify, minimize, and manage risk associated with each of the projects and its component activities.
  • Business Process Management: SunPlus brings best of the breed technologies to bear for modeling and testing business processes. Our modeling tools allow business users to integrate software systems and databases into their process models. This allows our clients to deploy and execute processes without additional coding or integration.
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics: SunPlus consulting combines thoughtful analytics with reliable reporting and forecasting to produce actionable business intelligence. Our consultants are trained to leverage Enterprise Content management (ECM) for collaboration and knowledge management so that decisions can be made faster, more accurately and with greater confidence.


In addition to providing application-neutral consulting and training services in Project Portfolio Management, SunPlus provides application-centered training and implementation support for the following Solutions:

  • Enterprise Optimus
  • Microsoft EPM (Enterprise Project Management)
  • Clarity-Niku Solutions.


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Project Management Services

We believe the right training converts “ordinary employees into extraordinary assets.”

At SunPlus Data Group Inc., we always tell our corporate clients that a dollar invested in skilling your workforce will bring a hundred dollars of productivity increase.

The Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification is a no-brainer for anyone who considers himself a good project manager. Similarly, the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) ® allows budding project managers to differentiate themselves against other peers even before getting the necessary work experience mandatory to apply for the PMP credential.

SunPlus is a PMI Registered Education Provider. We offer customized training schedules and packages that suit your company's timelines and objectives. We ensure high quality training, because we know that you are looking for high quality employees.  Learn More