ePOD: A Disaster Management Solution Providing State, Counties and Urban Cities with the Capacity to Receive, Stage, and Dispense SNS Assets

Disasters are unpredictable. Your response should not be.

A national disaster or pandemic will not discriminate based on age, sex, race, or class. Without a preparedness plan, mass chaos will occur, senselessly causing additional fear, suffering, and confusion.

Surplus ePOD (Emergency Point of Dispensing) Manager is designed to quickly and effectively manage incidents of any scale. The solution provides an integrated system for the timely delivery of critical medical supplies and resources to patients and evacuees. This secure, web-based solution accelerates patient registration and provides the required logistics, distribution, warehouse, and inventory management capabilities needed to respond to mass casualty scenarios.

ePOD Manager is designed to integrate into your National Incident Management System (NIMS). Resources, personnel, teams, facilities, supplies, and SNS inventory available for use during incidents follow the NIMS typing system.

ePOD’s self-contained field-ready system is designed for rapid deployment to remote locations with minimal supporting infrastructure. ePOD Manager’s transport-friendly “Tracking Kits” contain all of the hardware and software components needed for the setup and operation of Points of Dispensing (PODs) and Receipt, Storage, and Staging Sites (RSS Sites).

Each city, county, and state must be prepared to address a broad spectrum of threats across a wide range of scales. It is the responsibility of each of these urban cities, counties, and states to develop the capacity to receive, stage, and dispense SNS assets at federal, state, and local levels. ePOD Manager provides cities and counties with the capabilities to fulfill this mission.

Designed to be deployed and field ready for use in under 20 minutes, ePOD Manager is an essential aid during your emergency response.


Streamline Patient and Evacuee Tracking

Fast and accurate capture of information is essential during an emergency. ePOD Manager streamlines patient and evacuee information, captures the citizen’s demographic information, and enables first responders to keep track of patients and evacuees as they receive services. ePOD Manager supports 1D, 2D and PDF417 barcodes from driver’s licenses, social security cards, and national ID cards.The combination of multiple capture devices including Web Kiosk Self Registration and OCR Patient Entry enables unprecedented access to verifiable demographic information.

In a disaster situation, every second counts.

With ePOD, the patient admissions time can be reduced to less than sixty seconds – allowing key emergency personnel to focus their time on providing critical services.

Pre-populated State and Local Master Index

ePOD Manager not only reduces the time needed to capture vital patient information, it improves accuracy with each step by using a pre-populated State and Local master index with support for automated interfaces and Clinical Information Management systems.

Self Customizable Triage

A disaster can never be predicted, but an appropriate and efficient response can be planned. Unique disaster events will require specialized response management. For example, a response to a pandemic will be very different than the response to an act of bio-terrorism. In some emergency situations, not all evacuees will require treatment; however, the evacuees that do not need treatment must still be efficiently managed.

ePOD Manager’s customizable triage feature enables POD.

Managers and health professionals to customize self-registration and triage features for any incident’s unique characteristics.

Patient Encounter

ePOD Manager tracks and supports your team throughout the entire patient encounter.

The solution provides real-time data on every patient: up-to-date patient and evacuee information, location, condition, treatment, and prescribed medicines.

ePOD Manager takes your process one step further by tracking patient wait and activity times at each step of the visit, supporting throughput analysis, workflow and potential bottleneck identification.

Warehouse and Logistical Support

Just as essential in ensuring the rapid identification of evacuee and patients is the ability to ensure fast and efficient dispensing of vaccines, prophylaxis and additional medical supplies.

At the core of the ePOD Manager’s beneficial features is the ability to deliver these services with a tried and tested industrial strength warehouse and logistics package.

SNS Supply Integration Manager

During an emergency, time is at a premium. Tracking and inventory management is typically not the first item on your response checklist. Our SNS integration manager ensures a smooth transition from local stock to SNS-supported items. As you create your local inventory, you can include items that are stocked in the SNS inventory. Our SNS integration manager is configured to upload SNS items, their shipment, quantities, packaging, and other characteristics, from either the 12-Hour Push Package 3.5-in. diskette or directly from the SNS inventory system.

Your Inventory Control Team can enter orders into our inventory-management system and create documents that allow RSS personnel to pick assets from storage and stage them by delivery location.

As your Inventory Control Team issues assets, ePOD will monitor the stocks the team has on hand and will notify the team to work with SNS to order more stocks before the supply runs out.

Deactivation Assistance

When the emergency has passed, deactivation of the POD and recovery of SNS assets when is also a crucial step in disaster management. ePOD works with you to deactivate the POD, recording the receipt, storage location, orders, and issues of all resources, including the maintenance of a record of the assets that you have shipped to each customer (e.g., PODs, treatment centers, and other sites).Accurate records can assist in recuperation of costs through federal emergency funds.

Wholesale Supply Integration

Integration with your local pharmacy and wholesale medical supplier’s supply-chain-management systems enables your Inventory Control Team to extend the supply of emergency resources into the local community.

Available as an optional module, Wholesale Supply Integration extends the ePOD Logistics Manager’s capabilities to include the following services:

POD Management

If the need to handle a disaster with massive casualties arises, ePOD Manager provides functions that help to support your team: Interactive Analysis and Reporting, Integrated GIS functionality, Load Management System Alerts, Wait Time Thresholds, and pre-defined values for core phases of care.

ePOD supports:


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