Ticks & Tots

Ticks & Tots

Ticks & Tots

Whether you are looking for increased parent engagement or bringing efficiency to your school’s daily processes, SunPlus has built mobile and cloud-based applications, which have helped in growing student enrollment as well as allowing staff to be more productive.

Ticks & Tots: Our end-user suite of Apps with different modules for Teachers, Parents, and Administrators, which allow all stakeholders to follow the daily progress of each child, and also provides various features like Sign-in/out, Communication, Reminders, Updates, Wishlist, etc.

Seeds & Sheets: Our enterprise App, which we build in conjunction with your Center’s requirements, that school administrators can use to manage daily activities including calendar management, parent/child records, communications, document management, etc.


Whether you are a Parent, Teacher or Administrator, Ticks & Tots is here to make your life easier.

One app, many smiles! Now, communication is easy. More engagement will lead to more smiles all around.

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