Ghost Guard Security


Ghost Guard Security

Ghost Guard Security is a Secure, Flexible, Reliable Application that Interacts with many Appliances

Ghost Guard Security (GGS) is a Physical Identity and Access Management solution. This solution integrates with physical access control systems and badging with various business applications (Avigilon, Lenel, HR and IT).

Ghost Guard Security Systems fits the needs of Physical Identity and Access Management for larger organizations and also for organizations of all sizes who need to deliver physical access in a more granular way and better manage their safety, security, and compliance obligations.

Identity Management

GGS manages the identification, access and authentication of employees, on-premise visitors, contractors, temporary workers, and partners to the organization’s infrastructure.

Access Control

GGS simplifies control of all physical identities across an organization to ensure each identity has the right access, to the right areas, for the right amount of time.

Badge Management

GGS includes physical security application, such as badge management, visitor management, With GGS predictive capabilities can address organizations manage multiple identity types for employees, contractors, visitors and others, while simultaneously identifying abnormalities in behaviors and events to alert security and management to potential problems.

Secured Access

GGS creates a holistic, auditable environment that provides actionable intelligence enabling a more proactive approach to security.