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We believe in turning your “IT Staffing and Infrastructure into a Business Asset by optimizing its performance, so you can focus on growing your business without worrying about your IT needs”

At SunPlus Data Group Inc , we always tell our clients that prevention is than cure.

You would much rather get your car serviced regularly than be stranded on your way to a meeting. You would much rather pay a small monthly insurance premium than be hit by a huge bill if a medical emergency arose. Then, why would you wait for an IT disaster to strike, before realizing that you could have avoided it entirely if someone had been proactively looking at the IT health of your business.

Now, you don’t need a huge IT team to manage your IT needs for you. All you need is SunPlus Data Group.

Managed IT Services

Your employees don't have to sit in front of a desktop to be productive. They don't even need to be in office anymore to be productive. More and more employers are seeing staff using their own laptops, tablets and smartphones, and productivity has increased. SunPlus can help with putting in place an MDM solution, where you can manage all Mobile Devices within your network from a single dashboard, you can integrate with your enterprise systems, proactively secure all smart devices without worrying about losing your data even if an employee loses his/her device, and you can see reports about operational performance and compliance.

Ever felt frustrated with keeping track of antivirus updates, security patches, software versions, compatibility requirements, etc. And still seeing your system hang! Nobody wants to spend thousands of dollars fixing a networking/server issue, when it could easily have been resolved if an expert had looked at that system alert in time (like that engine light on your car's dashboard). SunPlus can help by proactively monitoring your network 24x7x365 to ensure that your network's health is in top condition. We can remotely manage your IT infrastructure so that technology issues are addressed before they escalate into critical outage events leading to productivity losses.

If you don't have an IT person on hand when you or your staff experience a device failure, or if a software isn't installing properly, or if your Internet Services are down, chances are, that you are going to be unproductive. A dedicated help desk is a single point of contact that can help in troubleshooting common IT-related questions which you or your staff may have from time to time. SunPlus can help by providing dedicated help desk support that not only answers technical questions calmly and in a user-friendly manner, but also raises tickets with your Internet, Telecom, or Enterprise Software vendors if any serious issues arise like network outages due to a storm or software modules not loading properly after automated patches, etc. We do the IT Vendor Management for you, so you don't have to wait endlessly to speak to a human voice!

Data loss doesn't necessarily happen because of catastrophic events. Small, unresolved problems can lead to significant work disruptions. Experts say that small businesses are more susceptible to business closures due to loss of data, than large businesses. This can easily be avoided by having a Business Continuity Plan (BCP). SunPlus can help by advising you on your BCP, by making your data secure, by backing up your data and in case of a worst-case event, by getting your business up in minimal time. We don't let you leave anything to chance, but use technology to have a foolproof strategy to keep your data backed-up and secure.

Cloud Services

Simply put, it's just a generic way of saying that any service you want is hosted securely elsewhere on the Internet and is provided securely on-demand when you need it. The key to the Cloud is how "securely" your data and software are hosted allowing you "anytime, anywhere" access to them.

The biggest advantage of the Cloud is scalability - you pay for what you use. The Cloud offers a way for you, as a small business owner, to avoid investing a ton of money installing multiple servers which you probably won't fully utilize, or buying licenses for 50 people when you have a staff of only 6. SunPlus can help you save money, improve reliability by transitioning your IT environment to our securely hosted IT infrastructure and find the optimal use of the Cloud.

The best way to recognize how much of your business should be transitioned to a secure cloud environment is to look at the needs of the business, and not to worry about what technology will be used. We, at SunPlus, appreciate the inner workings of your business, built over months and years, and so offer you multiple options from which you can choose - what Cloud-based strategy would work best for your business. And we don't leave it there... we act as your IT partner to ensure that business continuity and productivity are enhanced further.

Virtual CIO Services

With all aspects of technology evolving faster and faster, from smart devices to networking equipment, from enterprise software to User-level customizations, from mobility and data analytics to cloud and social media, it is imperative for any business to have someone who can blend business strategy with the latest in technology to ensure that operations run smoothly and business continues to grow. SunPlus allows you to get all the benefits of a CIO without hiring the CIO!

It's quite simple actually. SunPlus will designate an IT industry veteran who will understand your business model and daily operations, then draw a roadmap to align your growth objectives with available technology solutions. After you have decided on the path to take, your virtual CIO will work with the SunPlus IT team to execute the roadmap, and provide continual after-delivery support.

No. A virtual CIO is not a transaction-based philosophy. The Virtual CIO will monitor how technology trends can impact your business, and how technology investments can result in topline and bottomline improvements for your business. After all, that's what we do for our business; we might as well do it for you.

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