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This training is designed for executive coaches who want to deepen their understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and develop the skills needed to effectively support leaders in creating more equitable and inclusive organizations. DEI executive coaching is an essential tool for positioning executives to better execute DEI plans within your organizations. By building awareness and understanding, identifying areas for improvement, developing effective strategies, fostering allyship and advocacy, and providing ongoing support, DEI executive coaching can help create more inclusive and equitable workplaces. The training will focus on the following areas:

DEI Assessment

Understanding and conducting DEI assessments to identify gaps and opportunities for growth in organizations.

DEI Concepts and Terminology

Building a foundational understanding of key DEI concepts and terminology to better support leaders in their DEI efforts.

Cultural Competence

Developing the skills and knowledge needed to engage with diverse communities and create more inclusive work environments.

Implicit Bias

Recognizing and addressing implicit bias in coaching relationships and supporting leaders in identifying and addressing implicit bias within their organizations.

Allyship and Advocacy

Learning how to coach leaders on becoming effective allies and advocates for equity and social justice.

The training will be led by experienced DEI executive coaches who have worked with leaders and organizations to promote equity and social justice in the workplace. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in hands-on activities, case studies, and group discussions to deepen their understanding of DEI executive coaching.



Introduction to DEI and Executive Coaching

Cultivating Self-Awareness and Cultural Competence

Coaching for DEI Competence

Addressing Resistance and Managing Conflict

Navigating Power Dynamics and Privilege

Maintaining Accountability and Measuring Success

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