Transformation Journey

Your 5 Step DEI
Transformation Journey

Define Success

The DEI Transformation journey for your organization begins with laying a foundation for success. To have a solid foundation, attention must be given to three essential areas: education, enlisting key stakeholders, and developing a structure and strategy for the journey.

Because organizations are made up of unique individuals with unique experiences, we begin the journey by establishing a baseline of education for DEI. No assumptions are made in regards to anyone’s level of knowledge and experience in DEI. We begin the journey with education to ensure that there is a common level of understanding of DEI among the key stakeholders that will lead the journey. We will engage in conversations focused on what DEI looks like, sounds like and feels like.

Also, in Phase 1 we will begin to lay out a structure and strategy of how we will engage in the work. This includes clarifying roles, responsibilities, reporting structures and timelines.

Probably the most critical part of Phase 1 is for the key stakeholders to receive the training they need to help build their will, skill and knowledge to lead for DEI. This is inside-out work. The work of creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive organization is fundamentally about changing ourselves, and thereby our relationships with others. Therefore, in Phase 1 it is recommended that key stakeholders (organizational leaders) participate in the “How To Be An Inclusive Leader” series.

This series consists of four sessions delivered over a period of 3 to 4 months. This series is designed to equip leaders with a step-by-step guide to the personal and emotional journey that leaders must undertake to create a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace where everyone can thrive.

Assess Culture

When navigating to an unknown destination your GPS must first ascertain where you are currently located. The same premise is true when navigating an organization on the journey of DEI. To start the journey, in Phase 2 we will begin by assessing the current culture of the organization. The tool (GPS) we will use to make the assessment is the Spectra Diversity Assessment.

Instead of implementing “cookie cutter” solutions for DEI, the Spectra Assessment provides your organization a unique opportunity to tailor change efforts based on the identified needs of your organization. The Spectra Assessment is designed to help encourage conversation and facilitate education of diversity and inclusion. The Spectra Assessment is delivered to leadership, employees and managers/supervisors.

Participants anonymously answer a series of diversity and inclusion questions about the organization and themselves through an online survey. Once completed, each individual will receive their own unique report. Another report analyzing the results for the organization overall is also produced. The organization report helps to assess areas of organizational strengths or need. The individual report facilitates individual growth in both beliefs and skills related to DEI.

In the organization report, depending on the size of your organization, we have the ability to break down each question by demographic categories and up to 3 custom sub-categories (such as tenure, job roles/functions, geographic locations, lines of business). Enhanced data analysis illustrates differences and similarities between demographic categories and custom sub-categories. Once collected, our team analyzes the data, evaluating both Management, Culture, and the 3Ps (Policies, Practices and Procedures) and the Individual Beliefs and Interpersonal Skills of the participants. This analysis helps us see the entire DEI picture and understand what strategies may have the greatest impact on your organization.


Audit Results

Utilizing the data and information gathered in Phase 2 we will audit the results. We will identify the gaps between where you are currently and where you want to be as an organization in regards to DEI. We will look at integrating processes that will keep you on the path to achieving your DEI goals. For example, your organization may identify a lack of diversity in your hiring. To address this area, we will audit your current processes of recruitment, onboarding, and retention. These three processes must be in alignment to achieve your DEI goal.

Typically, the Spectra Assessment will identify numerous areas that show a need for improvement and the emotional reaction is to address each of them immediately. However, we recommend a measured approach. In this Phase, we will prioritize your organization’s objectives and create strategies and initiatives to achieve them.


Phase 4 is all about implementing the strategies created in Phase 3. Because the implementation of DEI strategies and initiatives requires a new skillset, we will implement training and coaching that is designed to build the will, skill, and knowledge needed to advance the work.

Common training topics include Implicit Bias, Microaggressions, and Detours. During this Phase, we also begin one-on-one Executive DEI coaching for senior leadership. This is a critical component to the success of the organization’s DEI efforts. If DEI efforts are to succeed the senior leaders in the organization must lead the work.

DEI coaching allows executives to dive headfirst into inclusive leadership. Rather than keeping inclusion and diversity as willful thoughts or ideas, leadership begins to walk the walk and talk the talk. Your executives and the coach put their heads together and work through your organization’s goals, key performance indicators (KPIs) and challenges. Then they come up with a personalized and executable DEI leadership development plan.

From there, the leadership team can effectively lead on their initiatives with a professional coach guiding them along the way. If your organization is overseen by a Board of Directors, it is recommended that they are allowed the opportunity to engage in learning and development as well. Separate DEI leadership development training will be offered to the Board of Directors.


Follow Up

You have done great work in Phases 1, 2, 3, and 4. In order to sustain the work and take it to the next level, we will raise the bar for continuous improvement. We began the journey with assessing the organization’s culture through the Spectra Assessment. In Phase 5, we will reassess the organization using the Spectra Assessment. This will give your organization a snapshot of the organization’s DEI growth, or lack thereof. Based on the results, we will identify areas of strength and need and create strategies to address them, just as we did previously in Phase 3.

To take your organization to the next level and to continue to grow and expand on the journey, we will now address other areas that are critical components to sustain the work. This may include:

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